Sunday, 25 November 2012

Checking In

It’s been a busy month, and the craziness shows no sign of letting up; exams are just around the corner.  I thought I should check in and let you all know how things are going: I have lots to report!

First, apologies are in order for still not having posted chapter six of Underground, when you read on and find out what else has been happening, I hope you’ll forgive me!  Hopefully I will have this posted before Christmas (though at this rate, who knows?)

Second, On October 31, I received word from the Canada’s IP Writing Challenge that a paper I had submitted last summer took first place in the student category.  “Where to Turn when Copyright Fails: Finding a Home for Folklore,” examines the difficulties inherent in trying to protect an oral culture with a law that demands the creations be “fixed” in some way, and argues that in the end the best solution is simply to let storytellers do what storytellers do best: protect folklore. 

Third, you may recall earlier this year that I posted about two of my short stories, “Your Eyes Only” and “Ancient Roots” appearing in The Lamp, a journal of creative writing for graduate and professional students.  On November 8, the Lamp, volume II, was launched at Queen’s University.  I attended the launch, and read an excerpt from "Your Eyes Only," which was very well-received.  The journal will be available for purchase at if anyone is interested.  It's $10 Canadian, showcases a variety of work from a diverse group of authors, and would make a great Christmas present ;)

 Fourth, I heard back from the agent I spoke with last year at the Algonkian conference (the one who wanted to meet up and talk about a career in agenting), and I’m trying to arrange to get together over the Christmas holidays.  I’m very excited, and will definitely let you know how it goes.

Fifth, my ISP (individual study project) for my final year of law is well underway, and I’m looking forward to handing in the next section just before Christmas—and then enjoying a break with time to work on my novels—Underground (of course), Pencerdd (a prequel to The Harper’s Word), and The Harper’s Word (which is now in its sixth round of edits and going great)!

Finally, on Friday, I received an email from the Canadian Intellectual Property Review (CIPR), informing me that “Where to Turn when Copyright Fails: Finding a Home for Folklore,” will be appearing in the June 2013 issue of the journal.

That’s it for now J  I’d best get back to studying for exams—they’re coming up fast!  Wish me luck.  I’ll post again soon.

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