Sunday, 6 May 2012

First Writing Retreat: A Total Success!

There’s something about fresh air, a fantastic view over busily writing writers that gets the muse to work.

This weekend, I joined the other ladies in my writing circle at a cottage, where we all found space to write and reflect.  With seven of us chipping in, the cottage was more than affordable for the weekend; it also helped that it isn’t yet peak season.  We each made one meal or large snack to bring up, and one of our members (a yoga teacher) led a short yoga session Saturday morning that got everyone jazzed up and ready to write.

I can’t believe the industriousness I saw this weekend, or the way in which being away from home succeeded in severing my brain from “exam mode,” and planting it firmly in “novel land.”  Chapter Four of Underground was half finished, and I got to chapter 5 of the sequel to The Harper's Word.  In total, I wrote more than 10,000 words, edited 20 pages (chapters one and two of The Harper’s Word and chapter three of Underground), and I’m excited to keep going tomorrow!

You should find Underground, “Chapter Three: A Proper Crutch,” on the website tomorrow evening.  I’ll post as soon as it’s up.

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