Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I Need Your Help!

I began work on chapter 5 of Underground yesterday, which returns to Christopher Sherwood’s point of view.  In this chapter, Sherwood and fellow medical student, Sam McGregor, go in search of the resurrectionists, who supposedly did business with students in a rather seedy pub somewhere in Kingston’s current downtown core, though the exact name of the establishment is never mentioned, and an internet search of nineteenth-century pubs and taverns in Kingston brings up nothing but a lot of great tourist information.

So, I’m reverting to rule number 1: When in doubt, ask.  Does anyone have any ideas for historically seedy pubs for my characters to visit?  Full credit will be given in the chapter notes to anyone who helps find an answer!

Thanks to those who suggested the Prince George Hotel (too up-scale), and the Grimason House or Royal Tavern (presumably also too up-scale, since Sir John A. MacDonald used it for his campaign headquarters).  You’re help is appreciated!


  1. The selection of a seedy drinking spot circa 1860 must be the Balaclava Inn. Formerly the National Hotel, it was located in the military area of the City and was owned by William Hawkins until he was murdered by one of its tennants and Hawkins own wife, who were engaging in a steamy affair in 1856. The B Inn was located at 56 Queen street where it intersects with Wellington Street. The name Balaclava, which was adopted in 1856, paying hommage to that great battle a few years earlier in Turkey ( Galipoli being another well known battle thanks to a movie starring Mel Gibson ) If this does not help contact me gatorgates17@hotmail.com, cheers. Steve.