Monday, 4 June 2012

Underground - Chapter Four Posted!

Chapter 4 of Underground, “Robbed,” is now posted!  You can read it and previous chapters at  Don’t forget to come back and leave your comments! 

Notes on the Chapter:

The Upper Cemetery of Kingston no longer exists.  It has been transformed into McBurney Park, affectionately known by Kingstonians as “Skeleton Park.”  For many years, it was Kingston’s largest multidenominational graveyard.  After the decision to turn it into a park was made in the 1880s, many (though certainly not all) of the bodies were moved to the newer Cataraqui cemetery.  The current dimensions of McBurney Park are not the dimensions of the original cemetery, which was considerably larger than the modern green space.  

Some readers may question the accuracy of Renquest’s description of the post-resurrectionist cemetery, which smacks of a zombie story.  At this time, I can only offer the reassurance that the word (and the idea of) zombies has been in use in western society since 1819, and Renquest’s description is not anachronistic or inaccurate.  I promise all will be explained; check back soon!


For more information on Skeleton Park, check out this 2011 article published in the Queen’s Journal:

Readers may also be interested in the Kingston Historical Society’s “Chronology of the History of Kingston,” which has a little information about Ronan’s school as well as the cemetery.  It is available at

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As ever, thanks to Jennifer Dunn for her help in navigating historic Kingston.  Her patience with my cartographical impairment is much appreciated!

My gratitude, also, to the folks at effective editing for their help in ensuring that most of the grammar and plot bugs were ironed out.  

I hope you enjoy the chapter, and look forward to reading your comments and feedback!

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