Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Holiday Writing Challenge - Day 2 Word Count

Typically, I write in a linear fashion, starting at the beginning of the book and working my way through to the end.  This is probably because I like being surprised as a writer as much as I like being surprised as a reader.  I don’t work with an outline; although I usually have a very general idea of where the story will end, some of the twists and turns en route are unexpected and, for that reason, fun.  

Sometimes, if an idea strikes me as good for later in the book, I’ll go ahead and write it, then worry about linking it in when the rest of the novel catches up.  This is the case with The Harper’s Word.  The majority of the text’s first draft is written, with only the first part of the last section still simmering away at the back of my brain.  Today, though, I began what will be the linking in of that last section.  The word count was 1171, much better than yesterday’s total—probably due to the fact that I finally caught up on the sleep I’ve needed since exams ended.  :)

More tomorrow!

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