Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Quick Note on Underground

I just wanted to let everyone know that, unfortunately, I am now officially lost in the wilderness of law exams.  8-12 hours a day slogging through class notes, case notes, PowerPoint slides, and outlines—not to mention writing the silly things!—has left me with very little time for writing at the moment.  I’m currently no further along with "Chapter Two: A Gentleman’s Education" than I was the last time I posted an update.  

I wrote my employment law exam last week and will be writing labour law tomorrow.  That leaves me with the weekend to prep for advanced issues in contracts, which is scheduled for Tuesday.  After that, I’m home free for the holidays.  I hope to have the chapter completed by Christmas Eve, and have it edited and posted before the last Friday in December.  With a little luck, that will put me back on track for the rest of the book.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

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