Thursday, 29 December 2011

Holiday Writing Challenge - Day 4 Word Count

I know, I know: No dday 3...

As it turns out, keeping track of my word count in the public domain didn’t make me as accountable as I thought it would. ;)  Yesterday’s lapse in recording was a result of my complete and utter failure to write a single word, which was, in turn, a result of my spending the afternoon and evening with a friend home from studying in the Caribbean.  After five hours of Dr. Who, supper, and a good deal of talking, I came home and dropped straight off to sleep.  

I made up for that today, though, as I have a word count of 2064.  Half of those words were notes taken in interview with Grandma in preparation for writing a paper on family history for the Ontario Genealogical Society’s essay competition.  I’ve got a good platform, and some interesting ideas, but there’s a lot more research to do.  Thanks to Grandma, I’ve got many more strings to pull!  

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